Ultra training: week 6

Scoping out the Surrey Half route ahead of next week – can we have this sunshine on race day please?

Week 6. How did we get here so fast!? I managed another 3 runs, though I didn’t get the fourth one in as I was away on a work trip for 2 days. It’ll happen eventually! The weather was still cold and breezy, but I was able to run in the sunshine this weekend which was SO NICE. More of this please!

Looking forward to my first race of the year, Surrey Half next Sunday. Feeling confident for a PB (my current PB is 2:14, and I reckon that I can nip in under 2:10 if the weather gives me a chance), but I’m definitely not near a sub-2 yet. I’d love to tick that off sometime this year though – can anyone recommend a decent half marathon either in Surrey or up Nottingham way? I’ve had this goal on the back burner for sooo long!

Tuesday: As usual, I was indoors for this one. I did 5 miles and managed pretty decent negative splits of 9:15, 9:06, 8:57, 8:47, and 8:25. (I think I’m going to try some faster intervals next week, as I’ve got my eye on a sub-26:00 5k. Not sure if I can keep up that sort of pace right now, but it’s worth a go…?) Unfortunately my regular treadmill (can’t believe I even said that, who am I?) was taken, so this time I had a lovely brick wall to look at šŸ˜€
5m, 8:54 average

Saturday: I switched things up a bit this week and went out in the evening for 5 miles. I managed to get to the top of St Marthas for the sunset, which was gorgeous. And I actually ran it this time (with 1 short breather on the way up). Baby steps! I went a bit slower though as it was super muddy underfoot, and I wanted to enjoy the views. Pretty good run actually, but extremely chilly.
5m, 9:51 average

Sunday: The long run! I had 11 miles on the plan, and did an out-and-back along part of the Surrey Half route ahead of next week. I slowed down and tried to focus on keeping my pace consistent, and it went really well for the first half. It was sunny, the countryside was lovely, there was a bit of a breeze and on the country lanes all of the drivers were considerate, pulling out to give me space as they passed me (which never happens on a bike!). But then I reached the turnaround point and the wind hit me right in the face, and kept it up all the way back. I ended up ditching the last mile, stopping at 10 before walking the last little bit home. Still pretty happy with my pace, given that the wind completely sapped my energy. Fingers crossed for calmer weather next Sunday!
10m, 9:35 average

Anyone else signed up for Surrey Half?

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